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"I have always had a love-hate relationship with running.  I have never been good at running so I dreaded every time I decided to do it. But there was always a sense of accomplishment afterward that I loved.  It didn’t help matters that I was never consistent.  I would run for a few weeks, get a little crazy and sign up for a 5k then I wouldn’t run again for months.  It was a vicious cycle. 

Last year my friend Kathy mentioned she would be mentoring the No Boundaries program with Fleet Feet.  I figured if I was ever going to really learn how to run, be consistent, and enjoy it, this was my chance.  I am not going to lie, it was tough but the best part was the support.  With scheduled group runs each week I received support and motivation from the coaches, mentors, and my fellow runners.  Twelve weeks after the start of No Boundaries it was time for our graduation run, Joy to Life.  I had run this race the previous year so I had an idea of the time I wanted to beat.  Thanks to Fleet Feet and the No Boundaries program I beat my previous year’s time by 3 minutes and 20 seconds.  Three weeks after that I set a personal record at another 5k and had shaved another minute off my time.  Needless to say, this program works! 

Now I don’t dread going for a run, I look forward to it.  There is still a large group of us that get together 2-3 times per week and we continue to motivate and support each other.  Without this amazing group I wouldn’t be signed up for my first half marathon later this year."  - Adrienne Mayben

"They say when a woman reaches "a certain age" it is harder to lose weight.  Well, I have reached "that age" and "they" were right!  One day I realized I couldn't lose it with calorie reduction alone and that I had to start moving.  Coincidentally, about that time, Tommy sent out the e-mail that changed everything!  I saw the offering of the No Boundaries program at Fleet Feet.  I mentioned it to my friend, Rachel (taker), and my son, Will (not as excited a taker), and we signed up. 
Let me just say, it took me 20 years to screw this body up and it was NOT easy for me at first.  But I felt so great and inspired when I was able to finish each session, I became dedicated to see it through.  I had to alter the plan but that is the beauty of Fleet Feet and their mentors!  At first I thought I could go with the run/walkers...but I bit off more than I could chew. So I changed to walking.  Then I worked on increasing distance and decreasing time.  Will was a different story... after three nights I was approach by a mentor that said, "We have your boy. He can't stay with you. He needs to run."   Will is documented shy, so it was just so wonderful to me that this team took him under their wing.  Fleet Feet mentors pay attention, they want you to succeed, they care, and they are FUN.  And they are full of great training tips and  advice on how to make your runs better every time.  At Fleet Feet, they just want you to move and inspire you to move better.
So you want to know one of my best days EVER?  Joy to Life 2015!  I started the No Boundaries program walking for 15 minutes.  I don't even know how far it was, but I was mush when it was over.  But I kept it up and got better every time. But at Joy to Life, I walked/ran the streets of downtown Montgomery for my first 5K run!  And I TOOK the finish line!  The Fleet Feet team brought me in and cheered on the sideline.  (Disclaimer: I do not have a runners body, nor am I setting land records.  But I am off the couch.  And I am proud.  I am not a young woman nor have I taken as good of care of myself as I should. Just imagine what an accomplishment it was for me..)  And my boy! Will, who was new to this whole running thing, placed 9th in his age bracket! And Rachel smoked it too.  My husband even got in on the act and did awesome.  What a great DAY!  I was so proud of our team and I know it changed our lives.    WOW!  Thanks FLEET FEET!
Do it guys! Get up, sign up. One step at a time. Sure, it's hot in the summer. but don't give yourself excuses.  (I have a Masters degree in that)  And we will see you there!  Yep, I am going back for more.  And getting stronger every day. " - Terri Trice

"Three months ago if you had told me I would be running, I would have laughed! Me a runner?

Have you ever seen someone running on the side of the road and thought, “Now, that’s crazy!” I have. But, secretly I wanted to do that. How can they make something so hard look so easy and seem happy? Yes, I had tried running in the past and yes I had failed. I had written running off. You know the excuses, “I’m too old”, “I don’t have an athletic build!” and the worst excuse of all for me was, “I’m afraid to go into a place like Fleet Feet, they will take one look at me and think what you are doing here?”

Boy was I surprised at how wrong I had been about running and runners themselves! This place is so much fun. And I found out that runners come in all sizes and ages. Some are fast and some are slow; some are experienced and some are newbies (like me). But guess what it just doesn’t matter, all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other! The best part is that you have coaches and mentors every step of the way. You are never alone in this journey.

It is so hard to explain to people how much fun and exciting running can be. Oh yeah, and there are different levels of running: you can walk, combine walking and running or just run.

“No Boundaries” motto is: Running Changes Everything! And it does; not only do you look and feel better, but running gives you confidence. There is nothing that makes you feel better than to set a goal and then meet it!

We as healthcare workers don’t get a lot of thanks or pats on the back-but when you run with Fleet Feet you are always rewarded for your hard work!

And trust me there is nothing better than completing a 5K race and having about 20 people clapping and shouting your name when you cross the finish line!"  -  Rachel Loflin




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