Summer Speed School

School is now in Session!

The Summer Speed Series is a 9-week program for runners with a Need for Speed!  The group meets on Wednesdays for group speed workouts and education on the basics of getting faster. The group starts August 9th and the final workout is October 4th. The training will be specifically geared toward lowering your current 5K time. The cost of the series is $50 and you
can drop in to any session for $10. You will receive:

  • Organized Wednesday Speed Workouts In McGehee Estates meeting at 6pm.
  • A supplemental training schedule for the other 6 days of the week, with variations and suggestions for those currently training at a variety of weekly mileages and intensities.
  • A community atmosphere with runners of all abilities.  We welcome any and all paces to participate from 4 to 14 minute milers!
  • Weekly email newsletters with tips & advice
  • Vendor sponsored runs! With samples and product information sessions
  • Guidance from our seasoned running coach, Avery Ainsworth
  • Coaches available by email anytime
  • Hydration will be provided at the workouts for every group run.

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Program Start: Wednesday August 9th @ 6pm
Program Fee: $50
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