Half Marathon Training

Join the tens of thousands of people who challenge themselves every year to the fastest growing distance race in the country – the half marathon. This terrific 13.1 mile distance is challenging and yet achievable. This is a 12 week training program for the Magic City Half on November 23, 2014. The program is open to runners of all paces and abilities. Participants are asked to be at a level of running that they can cover 4 miles. Coaches and mentors will be on hand to guide you through your training, provide encouragement, and answer any questions you have along the way. We will have numerous clinics and give-aways throughout the session.No matter if you want to finish your first half marathon or improve over previous performances, this is the program for you. This training program is sponsored by Brooks and each participant will receive a Brooks Technical Shirt.  Informational meetings are the 21st & 26th of August at 7pm at the store and the first group training day is September 2nd at 6pm.  Sign up HERE


Q: What is the cost of the registration? 

A: The cost is $100.00 and this includes a technical shirt and also included in the fee is RRCA insurance, exclusive clinics (nutrition, injury prevention, etc.), prizes, giveaways, coupons, offer incentives, expert coaching and mentor assistance. 

Q: Do I have to be running the same goal race as the program is designed for? 

A: No, you are more than welcome to run ANY race and still train with us!  Just make sure that you get with the coach beforehand and talk about your dates and tapering needs. 

Q: I am a very slow runner.  Is this still the right program for me? 

A: Absolutely.  We want to inspire and educate runners of all levels, regardless of pace!  We will always have trainees and Mentors to run alongside you, so you need not worry about being alone on the runs.  Just make sure you are meeting the mileage requirements as posted on the registration page before you sign up

Q: If I have already run an endurance event but I am looking for a group to train with is this program right for me? 

A: You are always welcome to join in on the fun and reap the educational and motivational benefits that the program provides!  This program should challenge even more advanced runners, so there will still be many obstacles presented to you. 

Q: If I miss workouts, or I have to consistently miss one of the days of our weekly meetings does that mean I cannot be involved in the program? 

A: Of course you can still be involved!  We would love to have every trainee at every run, but understand that life and obligations may get in the way.  Just make sure that you are completing your training runs independently so you don’t fall behind on your progress!  Also, let your coach know when you are expected to miss so we don’t worry about you! 

Q: How do I register? 

A: You can register HERE 

Q: What if I have to miss the informational meeting? 

A: No big deal!  The informational meeting is not mandatory.  Just come to the first workout and we can get you up to speed then.  Or e-mail the Training Program Coordinator what day you are planning to attend and she can give you a run-down, send you the informational handout via e-mail and walk you through registration. 

Q: Can I come to the first workout before deciding to register? 

A: Of course!  We are confident after you see what the programs are all about that you will want to get involved! 

Q: What does the training schedule look like? 

A: We will be starting at smaller mileages and building over the course of the program.  It will never change suddenly or dramatically and you will always be well prepared for any increase in distance.  You can also expect track workouts, hill workouts and trail runs on a fairly regular basis. 

Q: Where do we meet? 

A: The training locations will be at the store and any changes to this will be announced well before the practice.

 Rehab Associated will be providing expertise to your training through experienced Physical Therapists attending sessions, giving you someone to ask questions to, exercise recommendations & the correct way to perform certain exercises/stretches, etc.  And they'll have some great prizes to give away to our participants as well!  If you are experiencing any physical issues, no matter how small, prior to our training to start, please visit Rehab Associates for a consultation & let them know you'll be in our programs so they can get you well in no time!

Nutritional clinics and evaluations provided by Registered Dietitian Rachel Laughlin.  These talks will include pre-workout fueling and post workout recovery foods.

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