Superfeet Inserts

                 Hey there friends! This week’s review is on the super importance of Superfeet Inserts. Superfeet inserts give you natural cushioning by cupping your heel and putting the fat pad in the bottom of your foot back in place. Super feet also gives you a little extra stability and puts your foot in the proper place. There are a variety of different Superfeet named by color. Each color has a different shape and a different level of arch support. Something that we say a lot here at Fleet Feet Sports is that “Everyone’s feet are shaped differently, that is why we have to find your perfect fit”. This is relevant because we not only fit you for the type of shoe that would be best for you but inserts as well!

                Most people think that when they have foot pain, their shoes are just not cushioned enough, leading them to buy insoles from a generic or non-athletic store. The problem with this is that the insole from the generic store is just giving you more cushion to break down in the shoe with no added support. Unlike the plain old cushion insoles, Superfeet will last 2-3 pairs of shoes!

                Superfeet will help with any current foot, calf, or leg problem as well as injury prevention. If you are suffering from runners knee, shin splints, or tendonitis I personally recommend that you come and get fit for some Super Feet. You won’t regret it!   


For more awesome information on Superfeet check out their website:

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