One Mile At a Time

I know that this “blog spot” is meant for product reviews, but as I sit here tonight, there is something that came to mind for this particular review.

In my short time of being here as a staffer, I have been exposed to many things. The first being the products. In my first few months of working (and still to this day) there were constantly new gadgets, shoes and tech gear that were coming through the door that were blowing my mind! But as I continued to work -more like have fun- something was occurring that I didn’t even realize. My relationships with people began to expand as well as my people skills.

After being a mentor for our No Boundaries group, I for once in my life was able to actually watch people fall in love with running as I did several years ago. It is amazing how every Tuesday and Saturday, there were so many smiles and high fives because these new runners were seeing how far they could push past their limits and how much better they were becoming at something they once despised. It was easy to see the new goals that were brewing in their eyes for the future, such as “I cannot wait to run this 5k” and “I wonder if I could ever run a half or full marathon?” New friendships were formed, that will continue to grow through the many miles they talk and encourage each other. Many memories will be made all because of this “running store” that is more like a family. All because what we here at Fleet Feet Montgomery are trying to bring to the community.

Working at Fleet Feet Montgomery is such a blessing; I never have a day at work that I do not feel like a made a difference in someone’s life. Yes, we are about Fit, and yes it is what we believe in. But I for one believe in friendships through running, and I also believe in #THEMOVEMENT.

That is all for now Montgomery… many more miles to go.



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