Balega Socks

                This is Sharlie here praising the amazing brand Balega! Balega is known for its “second skin fit” to form perfectly to your special foot. It’s moisture wicking technology is like no other, leaving your tootsies dry and comfy while you are on the go. Balega also has reinforced- lower and higher profiled cushioning for your preferred areas (that’s why there are so many styles to choose from!)  Balega socks have a minimum of 200 thread count, YES 200 Thread count in one sock! One pair of these bad boys will outlast an entire pack of socks you can buy at…cough… your regular retail store. Each pair are hand inspected by two balega team members. Trust me when I say I will never go to cotton socks again!

                I know a secret… but this secret is so great that I must share it, to not would be a running sin! Special Secret: Balega is actually fit on a measurement basis! That’s right! Your foot is special, so why shouldn’t your socks be? Balega comes in Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge. The reason for this special fitting is so your heel fits right where it needs to be, allowing the sock to form around your foot perfectly. Are your cotton socks giving you blisters? Are your feet unbearably sweaty? Are you tired and fed up with deteriorating socks? Your solution is BALEGA!

Balega runner

Yours truly,

The sock junkie


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