Whole 30 update

My wife and I are wrapping up our second week of the Whole 30 diet.  Once again, I am doing this diet to strip my body of the nasty foods and work on giving my body the nutrition it wants and really needs.  The first week was tough.  My body did not want to perform in my workouts at all.  I was really discouraged on my hard run day that I was at least 1 minute off of each of the time targets I wanted to hit.  I am currently training for a half marathon and this run made me question if this was the right time to try Whole 30. 

I wasn't ready to give up yet.  But, I did decide to add my typical long run breakfast and fueling to my diet only on my long run days.  Just like training where there are tough miles that you have to work through, this diet has tough days to work through. 

What a difference a week makes!  This week's hard run was one of the best in a while. The workout was 5x2miles at half marathon pace with 3 minute walking recovery between.  I hit every one of them on target.  I was shocked; could it be that the nutrition I have been putting in my body is actually working? My body and the diet are starting to work together and my runs are back to where they were, if not better. Someone told me that there is a period where you have this feeling of having "tiger blood".  This is where your body loves what you are doing and you feel like you can do anything.  Wednesday's run gave me confidence; it was almost like that dream run where everything clicks.

In the last blog, I mentioned that I have been watching "Chef's Table".  On the last episode, Magnus Nilsson was the chef they were following and he said "No dish will out shine it's produce."  Once again this really struck me as a statement that works with food but also with humans.  Just like a dish will never outshine the produce used to create it, no matter how hard we train, we will never outshine what we put into our bodies.  Do you want to see your full potential?  Then evaluate what you are putting in your body.  Be that dish that shines!

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