Where Americans Get Enough Exercise

Below is a recent article I read about fitness in America called "Where Americans Get Enough Exercise" by Richard Florida.  Some of the information may surprise you and then again it may not, BUT we want to change those statistics here in the River Region.

"The new year is a time when many of us vow to head back to the gym. Moderate exercise not only helps us slim down and look better, it's also associated with all sorts of good health outcomes, from higher energy and productivity, better sleep and sex, and even greater longevity. In many cases, exercise may treat diseases as effectively as drugs, as one BMJ studyrecently showed.

Everyone knows it, but not everybody does it. Just a month after making those New Year's resolutions, 36 percent will already have given up, according to University of Scranton psychologist John Norcross."  To read the remainder of this article Click here

Don't be a statistic, Let us help you meet and exceed your goals in 2014.  We have two great programs that will keep you accountable and help you not be one of the 36% that gives up before February.

Ton of Fun Weight Loss Challenge - for more information click here

No Boundaries Beginner 5k Program - for information click here

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