What pace should I run in the heat?

Slowing down due to heat and humidity will not make you lose fitness.”


Especially living in this hot Montgomery weather this is good advice to know! Runner’s World gave some great tips on what to look out for to help us best cope with the inevitable summer blaze.

The biggest problem runners face when running in the heat is adjusting to the higher temperatures and humidity. When summer arrives gradually, temperatures and humidity levels rise slowly, which gives runners time to adapt and acclimate to this “new normal.” Unfortunately, this summer many parts of the country have been hit with high temperatures and high humidity almost overnight, giving runners very little or no adaptation time.
Heat illness is serious, deadly serious, so, what's a runner to do? First, slow down! And then, second, use these adverse conditions to your advantage. . . Read more 

Feel free to stop in by the store on your run to cool down and grab some water. We’ll love to chat with you because we know what you are going through!

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