What an amazing weekend for all the runners and triathletes around the River Region.  We are so proud of all of you for your amazing achievements this weekend at the Capitol 10 Miler, The Soldier Marathon & Half Marathon, Rock N Roll Savannah and Ironman Florida!  Now that your big race is over you are probably wondering "What do I do now?". 


Yes, we said it!  Take some time and rest.  When you are in the routine of getting up and putting in your daily miles it can be very tough to stop and rest, but you need to rest after a big race.  Rest days are when our body has time to rebuild what we have torn down from race days.  Taking a few days off will not decrease your fitness.  It will actually make you stronger.  Put on your compression socks, grab a big glass of water and watch those Netfilx shows you have been neglecting.


This might seem easy, but eating the correct food will get you back on the pavement sooner.  Make sure you are eating a protein rich diet after your big race.  When we race we tear our muscles down and eating a protein rich diet helps repair those damaged muscles.  Protein smoothies, eggs, and fish are just a few examples of protein rich foods that you should make sure are in your diet.  Don't forget that celebratory pizza or burger.  You worked hard and you deserve it!


While you are resting, grab your laptop or Ipad and search for your next race.  The best time to plan for the next big race is while you are resting after your last big race.  Some people need to have a race to stay motivated.  Do whatever it takes to get you back out the door after your rest days are over.  Go ahead we give you permission. Check out our race feed for some great races coming up HERE

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