Routine Matters: Show Up and Make it Count

It’s a good thing the weather doesn’t have an advertising team. Can you imagine the following commercial?

Do you like falling on your face for no apparent reason? What about spontaneous ice skating in the middle of a workout? If you enjoy holding the fear of immediate loss of control close to your heart, then have I got a product for you: black ice! It’s invisible, dangerous and could literally be anywhere. Possible side effects including meeting the sidewalk intimately, tearing crucial knee ligaments, giving yourself a black eye, staying indoors all winter, and, most seriously, loss of all aerobic fitness. Please use only as directed.

Black ice doesn’t sound terribly appealing, but neither do the ads for extreme cold (Ladies, do you love when your man comes home with frozen eyelashes…), snow (Grab the shovel, it’s time for 3-hour abs with your favorite Nor’Easter!), or slush (Want to make your Smartwool socks feel really unintelligent? Guess if I’m a pile of wet snow or a 9-inch deep puddle of 33-degree water!).

Put simply, winter running throws obstacles at most of us that other seasons’ extremes can’t match.

The concept of going out for a walk, much less implementing a training plan during these darkest of times, can seem daunting. But it’s not impossible. Establishing a routine with clear goals for the warmer months can make winter running an automatic and rewarding process that gives you the boost you need to run your best when those April showers give way to May flowers.


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