How To Pack For An Out of Town Race

Racing is fun. Out of town races are really fun.

I love racing out of town.  I get to run new roads, see new people and travel to different places.  But... packing for out of town races can be stressful.  Did I pack this?  What about that?  Will I need this? Below I will show you how I pack for race day and my reasoning behind what I pack.

I have a race day bag that I pack all of my day of gear in.  I start with the bare necessities.  These are the minimum pieces I need to be able to run the race.  My race shoes, socks, shorts and top are the first pieces that go into my race day bag.  If that is all I remember to pack, I can still race.

The next set of items that I pack are the pieces that would make my run more enjoyable.  I prefer to run in a hat and wear sunglasses.  This is also when I pack my Garmin and my Road ID.  I can run without my Garmin, but I would rather have it with me in a race to be able to see exactly how I am doing.  I typical have my Road ID on all the time, but just in case, I lay it out with my gear.

After I have packed all of my wearable items, I put my race day nutrition in my race day bag.  I keep a water bottle with me to keep hydrated, and to mix my Skratch in on the morning of the race.  I always pack more nutrition than I need just in case I lose something.  I always carry my own liquids in my little blue bottle for the first part of the race.  Once it is done, I can either carry until the finish or throw it away at a waterstop.  Huma gels are my gels of choice, and I use one before the race and then the others spread out during the race.

The last and one of the most critical pieces of my race day packing is my race morning breakfast.  I LOVE to eat a waffle before a race.  No matter where my race is, my trusty waffle maker makes the trip with me.  I also carry my favorite waffle mix and my own maple syrup.  I do not want to rely on finding the items I like to eat when out of town, or rely on a hotel to have food ready when I want to eat on race morning.

Make yourself a check list that you can use for every single out of town race, so that you are ready to run with nothing to worry about.  Good luck and we can't wait to here how your next race goes.

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