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Avery and Erin Ainsworth - Store Owners

Fleet Feet Sports Montgomery is locally owned and operated by Avery & Erin Ainsworth. They are both Alabama born and met in Birmingham while Erin was obtaining her master’s degree. Avery & Erin are parents to a newborn son Emory and two dogs, Honey and Stella. You will surely see Erin pushing Emory in the stroller while walking Honey around the midtown area, and Avery out on runs with Stella.  We are excited to be back in Alabama and closer to friends and family.  We have fallen in love with Montgomery and are thrilled about making it our permanent home.

Avery grew up in a running family and has always had a passion for endurance sports. After his father would finish his races, Avery and his brother would run the kids runs. While in high school Avery was a member of his cross country team that won state titles twice. In college Avery put running to the side and lived a more inactive lifestyle. Once he started training for races again, he gained more focus and graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Civil Engineering. After a short career in Civil Engineering, Avery decided to follow his dream of owning a running store. He immediately started working at the Fleet Feet Sports Jackson, MS store. Avery worked his way up to General Manager very quickly, and learned every aspect of the business. After watching people’s lives change through the Fleet Feet Store in Jackson, Avery knew he had chosen the right path. In the south we get labeled as overweight and lazy, it’s time for us to make a change and get moving.

 Erin has always led an active lifestyle, even getting her degree from Auburn University in Exercise Science. She then went on to obtain her master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from UAB. Before meeting Avery, Erin had run a 5k and went to the gym regularly. Once they started dating, Avery’s passion rubbed off on her and she began signing up for bigger challenges; half marathons, triathlons and her first marathon. When Avery mentioned that he wanted to open his own running store, Erin jumped right on board. Erin wants to share her knowledge on leading an active lifestyle with others, as a way to assist in making Montgomery a model healthy community.



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