the Rainy Days

As we continue to strive to be your source for any and everything that deals with getting moving, we have started a weekly blog.  This week post will discuss how to take on the rain or "Duaning" as some of the local runners call it. 

The weather has been perfect running lately, but rainy days will come. 

The quickest way to get fitter and faster is to be consistent. And in order to be consistent, it’s essential to learn to love to run in any weather conditions—including the pouring rain.

Soggy weather workouts can be especially exhilarating if you embrace them. (Of course if there’s thunder and lightening; it’s best to stay in). And the bonus is that you get the satisfaction of knowing that you ventured out in conditions that a lot of people won’t drive in. Here’s how to endure - and even enjoy - the wet conditions.


When we were kids we wouldn't hesitate to step outside in the rain to jump in the puddles.  Now that we are grownups we think twice about getting our feet wet. While you are standing inside dry and warm think back to those days when you were a kid and step out of the door.  Once you are outside and moving you will warm up and welcome the rain.


Wearing the proper gear makes all the difference.  The old saying goes "Cotton is Rotten".  Make sure you have a good pair of synthetic socks, a lightweight breathable outer shell (preferably water resistant or water proof), and a hat to keep the rain off your face. 


When it is raining visibility can decrease.  Make sure you are taking every measure needed to see and be seen.  Wearing reflective gear, bright clothing, blinky lights and a head lamp will help you be seen by the drivers of vehicles.  Also be aware that not all puddles are as shallow as they look. 


You might be tempted to leave all of your gear in a wet pile outside your door so that you can get in and get dry.  Don't do that!  Take a few minutes and hang all of your awesome running gear out to dry.  The sooner it gets dry the sooner you can put it back on and get to running.  Either stuff your shoes with newspaper or put them in front of the refrigerator vent as soon as possible.

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