Keep Your Bucket Full

There are many analogies used to help runners run smarter faster, or farther. Tim Cary, a columnist at Fleet Feet St. Louis, shares his analogy of keeping your bucket full to help us keep our bodies healthy and energized. 

As a self-proclaimed master of analogies, I am always on the lookout for new ways to concisely explain complex training concepts.  To be successful as a coach you have to be able to say the same thing several different ways.  A single analogy will rarely be grasped by all the members of a given group, so having a quiver full of them for each and every topic is a necessity.  In the past, most of us coaches learned our analogies from the coaches who mentored us or with whom we associated.  With the proliferation of social media, however, we now have a huge database to draw from.  As a regular Twitterverse peruser, I often happen upon some very useful analogies...and I recently came across one that is perfect to share at this time of year.  It comes from a sports performance training center in Wales and it paints an awesome picture of how to have a successful season.  Keep you[r] bucket full! 

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