I Love the Smell of Race Week in the Morning

Race season has arrived for a lot of people in the River Region.  Here are some helpful hints for race week for all of the people racing the Capitol 10 Miler, Savannah Half & Full Marathon, Soldier Half & Full Marathon, and Ironman Florida.  No matter if this is your first major race week or your 100th, we can all use a few helpful hints to help us get to the starting line.


Taper weeks are tough.  Our bodies are wanting us to workout yet the plan says to rest.  You have to trust the plan and understand that you cannot gain fitness this week, but you can destroy everything you have trained so hard for.  Trust in the plan and TAPER!


Hydration is not just for race day.  Each day of the race week, you need to make sure you are hydrating.  You also need to my sure you are hydrating properly with more than water.  Nuun & Skratch are perfect low sugar electrolyte replacements that you can add to your water.  Try to drink less coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, and tea the week of the race and save those drinks for post race celebration.


If your race has an expo, be very careful.  The expo is like a black hole.  You head into packet pick up and the expo with a goal of grabbing your packet and looking at a few things.  The next thing you know its 2 hours later, you haven't had any food or drinks and your legs are starting to get tired.  This happens within a blink of an eye at an expo.  Just like tip number one says, "Stick to the Plan".  Grab your packet and begin a very quick lap through the expo.  Review the vendor list ahead of time, if you can, and plan out what you want to see.  The more time you stay on your feet,  the less rest and energy you have for the big day.


Lay EVERYTHING out the night before.  Make a checklist and mark everything off as you are laying everything out.  You do not want to be scrambling at o'dark 30 on race morning to find something.  Take some stress out of the pre-race jitters and lay out everything you think you will need for race day.


Trust your training and enjoy your race. 

GOOD LUCK and we can't wait to hear about all of your races.

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