How we Amplify!

On Sunday I will leave to go to the Fleet Feet Sports Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I always look forward to conference week each year.  It's not just a week to hang out with all my friends from around the country, it's much more.  

Conference is a chance to learn from the top people in the running industry; store owners, coaches, executives from all the major brands and much much more.  The theme of conference this year is AMPLIFY.  The word Amplify means "to increase the volume (sound), magnify, intensify.  Our goal with conference is to AMPLIFY all that we do for you.  AMPLIFY your experience in the store, Amplify your training, Amplify our fun runs and AMPLIFY everything we do.  

To quote a cult classic, we want to "Put it up to 11!"  Everyone can do a 10, but we want to Amplify what we do and we want to take it to 11 for you.

One way we are going to Amplify your experience is that we will be taking you to conference with us.  No, we aren't all getting on a plane Sunday morning, but through the power of social media, you can follow what we do at conference.  Follow us on Instagram @fleetfeetmgm and also follow the hashtag #howiamplify to see what's going on.

We cannot wait to AMPLIFY Montgomery!


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