Habits are tough to make and break

As I sat at home with my son on his 3rd day of intense potty training, I started thinking about habits. For two years, he has been trained to go to the bathroom in his diaper.  Now we are asking him to break that habit and use the potty like a big boy. On the first day, I could see how frustrated he was and we had several accidents. The second day began to get better but he still had not mastered the big boy potty. Today, no accidents and he's going to the potty like a pro.  When I think about the struggle for him to break this habit, I also begin to think about how hard it is for us to make or break habits.  

Habits are hard to make and break. Just one fast food burger, soft drink, or afternoon on the couch can send us down the path to forming a habit.  We never intend to start an unhealthy habit, but it happens.  Its not our goal with our first soft drink to start drinking nothing but soft drinks.  We never set out to eat only fast foods on a day we are swamped at work.  But each decision we make can start us down the path to a habit we never intended to start. Habits that are hardest to break are those we never intended to start in the first place; smoking, drinking, eating fast food, or sitting on the couch are just a few examples. It takes a minimum of 21 days to break a habit, which is a lot of time to break a habit we never intended to make in the first place.

Starting a habit also takes a minimum of 21 days. The first step is deciding you want to start a healthy habit, then devote the time to cultivating that habit.  We have all been down this road before; "I am going to eat healthy, I am going to start exercising," and so forth.  We start out pumped and excited about our new habit we are going to start.  The first week goes by and we are on point.  We think to ourselves "We got this...this is easy".  Then something comes up, life in general, and we miss a day.  Then we miss another day.  It's tough to make it to 21 days and to make that habit we were so excited about.  

Habits take a minimum of 21 days to make or break.  If you or someone you know wants to start a habit of a healthy lifestyle, we want to help you.  Since we started the store I have been so amazed by the people that we have had the pleasure of watching make a healthy lifestyle change.  We were right there with them and encouraging them, even when they stumbled.  These people met and exceeded the 21 day minimum and now they have a healthy habit they do not want to break.  

Check out our training groups HERE and our fun runs HERE.  Let's exceed that 21 day minimum and create a healthy new you.

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