First Time for Everything

Saturday was an amazing day in Montgomery.  The Capitol of Dreams triathlon really showcased that our city is on the move.  Not only is our city on the move but the people of the city are all about movement.  This race is growing and seems to have more excitement around it each year.  For a lot of people completing a triathlon is not something they consider.  But for some, this was a dream that they were able to achieve this weekend; the dream of completing their FIRST triathlon. One of the things I really love about triathlons is seeing those first timers take the plunge into the sport.  This year Fleet Feet Sports, along with Bell Road Cycle & Fitness, decided we wanted to help the triathlon community by helping start the River City Triathlon Club.  This club was instrumental in helping so many first timers achieve their dream of completing a triathlon.  This club has grown rapidly and will continue to grow as more people join the sport.  If you ever had the slightest thought of completing a triathlon, contact us or River City Triathlon Club. We would love to help you meet your goal.  It is always so much fun to see the smiling faces when they have completed their journey.  Be the Movement Montgomery!

Irene and Her son completing their first triathlon together.

Sharlie and Susan not only completing their first triathlons but making the podium

Maybe triathlons aren't on your bucket list yet, but a 5k, 10k, 10 miler, half marathon, or marathon are. Well we have training programs to help you achieve your goals.  There is always a first time for everything, let us help you make your first time be the best you could ever imagine.  Click HERE to check out our training program page for more info on all of the training programs we offer.

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