Big Race? Here are some tips.

So you have a big race this weekend and you are already nervous, here are some tips to help you get through the week ready to go on race day.  

Being nervous is actual a good thing, but controlling the nerves can be hard to do some times.  You have put in so much time and effort for the big day, don't mess up the week of the race.  It is completely normal to question if you have put in enough miles or if you are prepared.  This is not the week to cram in more runs or mileage.  If you miss a run this week it's OKAY!  The week before the race is all about resting and making sure you are at the top of your game when you toe the starting line.  

Start hydrating and adding more electrolytes as the week goes on.  Remember we don't sweat out just water, we lose electrolytes too.  Adding more electrolytes to your hydration this week will have you primed and ready to go race day.  Skratch and Nuun are two of our favorite electrolyte replacement drinks with low sugar compared to Gatorade or Powerade.

Carb loading, good or bad?  Good!  You need to increase your carbohydrates as the week goes on, but you do not need to overload.  By increasing, we are talking about adding a "LITTLE" more.  You don't want to eat nothing but carbs everyday.  Huge plates of pasta or a loaf of bread at every meal is not the correct way to carbo load.  When you carbo load you want to add more carbs to your daily caloric intake.  For example, dinner Thursday night you plan on having some pasta, salad and a chicken breast.  To carboload you would just add a little more pasta to your meal and a piece of bread.  The night before the race eat early and go to bed slightly hungry.

The big day is tomorrow, what do I do now?  Go to packet pick up and get your number and race goodies.  Once you get home lay out everything you will need for the morning.  Put your race number on your shirt, put your socks next to your shoes and gather all your other race day needs.  If you need to, make a check list and mark things off as you lay them out.  DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE MORNING OF!!!  If you wait until the morning of the race you will forget something and stress yourself out.  Remember we want to be relaxed and reduce all the stress we can.

Race Morning:  Do the same routine you have done for all your weekend long runs.  Do not change a thing.  I repeat, DO NOT CHANGE A THING.  Stay with the routine that has gotten you through all the long miles.  Eat what you always eat, drink what you always drink.  Today is not the day to change up and try something different because your friend said that so and so does this before their runs.  Get to the race a little earlier to find a parking space and get in the bathroom before the line gets too long.  

Enjoy the day.  You have put in long hours and hard work, the race is the celebration.  Enjoy the celebration!  Good luck and we can't wait to hear all of your stories!

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