Benefits of a Firm Insert

Thanks to our friends at Fleet Feet Hartford for this great write up on the Benefits of a Firm Insert.

What’s better, a soft insert or a firm insert? One of the most common misconceptions that I hear is that softer inserts are better because they provide more cushion. Recently, I have had quite a few people compare the inserts that we carry, Superfeet, to other over the counter inserts that they came in with. After standing on the Superfeet, which is a firm insert, they said, “oh yeah, this one is more comfortable, it’s softer.” They were surprised when I showed them the firm plastic that comprises the insert that they were standing on. Just because the inserts were comfortable, they figured they must be soft. That’s not necessarily true!

Over the counter inserts can be recommended to help stabilize the foot, provide shock absorption, and help customize the fit of a shoe. They are often used in conjunction with other rehabilitation modalities in the treatment of many common conditions from plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonosis, shin splints, bunions, neuromas, all the way up to knee and hip pain.

While there are certain conditions that might benefit from a soft insert, there are many advantages to a more firm insert versus a soft. To read about the advantages of a firm insert and to find out how the picture of the person walking on a beach relates to this article.

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