Accountable For My Health

On Wednesday, I was honored to represent Fleet Feet Sports at the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama National Walk @ Lunch Day. It was a great opportunity for participants to meet with several health and fitness related vendors in the River Region while getting in a few laps around Riverwalk Stadium.

Accountable for my healthWhile there, we were all given a cute silicone bracelet that said, "ACCOUNTABLE FOR MY HEALTH". At first, I took it as just a cute token. But then I realized that it is a great reminder that we as individuals have the ultimate responsibility to make the necessary changes to ensure a healthy lifestyle. I have been wearing it for the last couple of days and reflecting on my own accountability.

While I have made several changes over the last few years to improve my health, I know that I have a very long way to go. We didn't develop bad practices overnight so we can't expect positive changes to happen overnight either. In addition, change can be hard, especially if we have been on a "diet" for most of our lives. But what I have learned is that I can't diet, I have to make LIFESTYLE CHANGES.

When making major changes, some people are able to go cold turkey and some of us need a gradual 12-step process. For instance, I have tried to pick one item at a time to eliminate or change. I started with water. I downloaded an app and made sure that I was getting in my appropriate water intake. It is amazing the impact that simple change had. While improving my water intake, I noticed that I stopped drinking as many sodas. As a matter of fact, in 2015, I don't think that I had more than 10 sodas total. This is huge as I was someone who would drink 10 sodas in a week. When I feel the need for something carbonated, a sparkling water normally does the trick.

Making simple and healthy changes like these can only improve our lives; because, we must be accountable to ourselves. We owe it to ourselves.

by guest contributor, Cecily Jackson

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