IT'S BACK!!!!! We are once again proclaiming this summer as the SUMMER of MILES. Our goal is to keep you moving all summer long. Last year, as a group we completed over 5,400 miles. Let's come together as a community and show the state that we love to walk and run in Montgomery and we can go farther.

Starting the first day of summer, Monday, June 20th, we will kick off this awesome FREE program where you can earn swag for putting in some miles.  We will chart each participant's miles so that you can earn some prizes for staying active.  As a group, we want to see how many times we can run the length of I-65 from Mobile to Tennessee. Last year, we did it 14 times.  How many times will we do it this year?

How can I earn my miles?

  • Running or walking at a Fleet Feet Sports sponsored events such as fun runs, pub runs, etc.
  • Starting or ending your run/walk at the store. You must submit proof of your mileage along with a picture of the store in the background or come in and have an employee log your mileage.
  • Participating in any running/walking event/race in the State of Alabama.
  • One “free” run per week, yet you must be wearing Fleet Feet Sports labeled apparel or gear. You must submit proof of your mileage along with a picture of yourself in the FFS gear.
What will I win?
A grand prize will be awarded to the male and female who completes the most miles. Each person who completes 367 miles (the length of I-65) will get a $50 gift card. (Participants can only receive one gift card). There will be other prizes given for each participant who completes at least 150 miles. 

How do I sign up?
Click HERE to sign up.  Its Free!

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